Photosynthesis: the planet-protecting lifecycle

Peer into a chloroplast and its important thylakoid membrane.

Seeing skin’s full spectrum

Brown skin comes in many colors, illustrator Hillary Wilson insists.

Science, law, and the transitional project manager role

Julin Wong found stability and satisfaction at the intersection between science and law.

Between science and art: conversations with a scientific illustrator

Daria Chrobok found her passion at the convergence of science and art.

A Christmas tree, in diatoms

Beautiful microscopic creatures ring in the holidays.

The microscopic mysteries of ALS

An illustrator images Steven Hawking pondering synaptic space.

Phage fight — battling resistant bacteria

Harnessing bacteriophages to fight infection.

A new kind of Zoom

Who are these common characters from the life sciences?

Drawing spine surgery’s history

Illustrators can help today's doctors by drawing past surgical techniques.

Inside the path lab

Peer inside a pathology laboratory to see what happens to your diagnostic sample.



Most Read

Modelling disease in vitro

Author: Chengxun Su

Specimen: aligned bundle of vascular smooth muscle cells (SMCs)/arterial wall-on-a-chip"

Microscope: Inverted Confocal Airyscan Microscope LSM800

Reagents: Alexa Fluor® 568 phalloidin & Hoechst 33342 (Life Technologies)

Cell real estate

In this cartoon, the nucleus is an orange sphere containing the cell’s DNA

Author: Aleksandr Kakinen

Software: Autodesk Maya

Wild type mouse muscle fibers

Author: Kristen Dancel-Manning, BFA, MS

Specimen: mouse muscle fibers

Core Facility: NYU Medical Center's Microscopy Lab

Microscope: Philips CM12 TEM with Gatan 4k camera

A new view of the Manhattan plot

The buildings are chromosomes; each window is an SNP.