Designed for Furry Success

What does the skeleton of a highly specialized marine mammal reveal about its life?

Sleep trouble

A medical illustrator visualized air in motion to portray sleep apnea.

See the sea star?

Inverting its stomach is just one trick the echinoderm can use.

Anatomy’s climbing power

A muscular neck and shoulders and a forward center of gravity help mountain goats grip the cliffs.

Unveiling COVID-19’s secrets

Illustration can help scientists visualize their foe.

The yellowtail kingfish in aquaculture

Who knew fish food was so important? The fast-growing aquaculture industry does.

Not only a magazine

Where illustrators, scientists and the public meet.

Scout, evaluate, and invest: Dialogues with a VC associate

Once bound for academia, Barbara Poinard ran into the term "venture capital."

BCS: Linking scientists with Singapore’s biotech ecosystem

Volunteers at Biotech Connection Singapore (BCS) have found the sweet spot between the research world and the biotech scene.

Building a nexus between machine learning and super-resolution microscopy

A biophysicist with coding expertise has built an image-analysis arsenal.



Most Read

Modelling disease in vitro

Author: Chengxun Su

Specimen: aligned bundle of vascular smooth muscle cells (SMCs)/arterial wall-on-a-chip"

Microscope: Inverted Confocal Airyscan Microscope LSM800

Reagents: Alexa Fluor® 568 phalloidin & Hoechst 33342 (Life Technologies)

Cell real estate

In this cartoon, the nucleus is an orange sphere containing the cell’s DNA

Author: Aleksandr Kakinen

Software: Autodesk Maya

Wild type mouse muscle fibers

Author: Kristen Dancel-Manning, BFA, MS

Specimen: mouse muscle fibers

Core Facility: NYU Medical Center's Microscopy Lab

Microscope: Philips CM12 TEM with Gatan 4k camera

A new view of the Manhattan plot

The buildings are chromosomes; each window is an SNP.