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Modelling disease in vitro

Author: Chengxun Su

Specimen: aligned bundle of vascular smooth muscle cells (SMCs)/arterial wall-on-a-chip"

Microscope: Inverted Confocal Airyscan Microscope LSM800

Reagents: Alexa Fluor® 568 phalloidin & Hoechst 33342 (Life Technologies)

Cell real estate

In this cartoon, the nucleus is an orange sphere containing the cell’s DNA

Author: Aleksandr Kakinen

Software: Autodesk Maya

Wild type mouse muscle fibers

Author: Kristen Dancel-Manning, BFA, MS

Specimen: mouse muscle fibers

Core Facility: NYU Medical Center's Microscopy Lab

Microscope: Philips CM12 TEM with Gatan 4k camera

A new view of the Manhattan plot

The buildings are chromosomes; each window is an SNP.